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Specialty Ink

    1. Mirror Effect InkMirror effect ink is mainly used in ordinary glass, film switch, phone display screen, electrical display window and etc. Printing for ordinary glass, PC, PET, plesiglass, PVC and etc. mirror materials; have good mirror effect that viewed from the front.
    1. Fluorescent InkFluorescent ink is made up of long afterglow rare earth luminescent material. Solar light absorption of 10-30min in the daytime, automatically continuous light more than 10h, still give out light in night, especially when the car drive in dark night.
    1. Thermochromic InkThermochromic ink also known as hot color ink, thermal ink, temperature sensitive. Normal here have three kinds: 1) in ordinary temperature show a certain color, color disappeared and become colorless after heated, will return to the original color immediately after cooling.

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