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Solvent Based Screen Printing Ink

    1. Cobra InkBL series belongs to the high toughness abrasion resistant ink, the printing effect is ideal for the glass material, can be used for screen printing and pad printing. The ink can be used for quick drying thinner, medium dry diluent, slow dry diluent, slow dry diluent.
    1. Japan Seiko InkJapan Seiko ink is two liquid reactive ink, but it is generally faster than the same type of ink drying fast, higher production efficiency, with high adhesion and high moisture resistance of various materials, solvent resistance, especially suitable for printing treated POM
    1. Coates InkBest bright finish, fast dry, easy to printing; diluents 811-01, slow drying agent 811-04. Curing according solvent. Suit for Manual, semi-automatic, automatic printing machine.
    1. Apollo InkBright, good stability, light smell, strong weather resistance, suit for outside; have resistance for Alcohol and gasoline; diluents R33, slow dry agent R104; gelatineous slow dry agent R144.
    1. Marabu InkDry physical drying ink. 20℃ dry 5-10mins can be printed. In 50℃ tunnel dryer can be stacked for 20-30 seconds. If the use of high efficiency and ventilation capacity of the dryer temperature can be reduced to 40℃, in order to reduce the damage to the workpiece.
    1. Jujo InkPromotion use: Treated & untreated PP bottles, treated PE, and metal material.
      Packing: 1kg/metal pot
    1. Manoukian Argon InkApplications: glass, metal; Excellent resistance to mechanical stress and chemicals and solvents.
      Manoukian Argon ink is suitable for printing of glass, metal, printing hard synthetic resin (pretreated PP and PE), bakelite, melamine.

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