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UV Screen Printing Ink

    1. Cobra InkCobra Ink is sealed in closed tank, room temperature at 70°F (21℃) to prevent direct sunlight and indirect light irradiation. Excess ink stored in another tank, without additives RD since the date of production for 2 years.
    1. Marabu Ink UVK with strong shading, bright color and good gloss characteristics; also be used in hose printing, ink film toughness good, strong tolerance to filler, strong water resistance, shading white 170 suitable for dark substrate, can be printed bronzing film on the ink.
    1. Ruco InkFast drying, high covering, the ink layer has high abrasion resistance and resistance to a variety of chemicals after curing; does not contain heavy metals, will not cause any pollution to the environment.
    1. Dubuit InkDubuit ink is suitable for treatment of horniness or semi- horniness PP or PE bottles, plates, self-adhesive PVC paste, PET bottles, etc. It is also appropriate for industrial printing and graphic printing.
    1. Jujo InkThese UV Ink was developed to printing treating PE and PP bottles, high quality low price. Jujo ink is especially used in low light ink curing. It is suitable for high-speed printing. All colors are suitable for EN71-3 standard
    1. Nor-cote InkThe Nor-cote ink was designed for use in many plastic container applications. It works particularly well on treated HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene as well as Styrene, treated and untreated PET and PVC.

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