Nor-cote Ink

 Nor-cote Ink

PPC Series UV Ink

The Nor-cote ink was designed for use in many plastic container applications. It works particularly well on treated HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene as well as Styrene, treated and untreated PET and PVC.

Product feature
One part; multiple substrate; chemical resistan;. fast curing; superb gloss; high definition; no additives required; excellent intercoat adhesion.

Storage & Life time
All UV P Series inks should be stored in tightly closed, black polyethylene containers at room temperature 21℃. Avoid direct sunlight and indirect white light. Excess ink should be stored in separate containers to avoid contamination. When stored under these conditions with no additives the P Series ink is expected to have 2 years life time from the date of manufacture.

Approximately 2,500 square feet per gallon. Note: Coverage, cure and color are affected by the mesh count, screen tension and other press variables.

All P Series colors are intermixable.

Printing suggestions
All inks should be thoroughly mixed before use. Ink viscosities are well prepared for most applications. If dilution is needed, please use P series diluents or P series gloss oil.

Metallic colors
Cure a suspension is related to pigment load and UV exposure. Select mesh with openings large enough to transfer the metallic pigments of choice; generally a mesh count of 305 threads per inch (120/cm) or lower is required. Metallic pigment will reduce the shelf lift of P Series ink mixtures.

Chemical resistance
The P series inks have been exposed to a variety of chemicals to determine chemical resistance. P Series inks have proved to resist most common chemicals when properly cured. For details contact the Technical Service Department.

Water resistance
If water resistance is required, cross-hatch tape adhesion must be attained upon exiting the curing unit and before any further testing is performed. Test thoroughly for conformance to your specific water resistance requirements.

Avoid direct contact of ink with skin and clothing. If contact occurs, wash affected area with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. If eye contact occurs, irrigate the area with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician. For more specific information, refer to the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.

Key additives
Thoroughly mix all additives both prior to and after addition into base inks. Store additives in a tightly sealed container.

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