Ruco Ink

 Ruco Ink

920-UV, 985-UV Series UV Ink

Application of Ruco ink
Ruco ink is suitable for PP/PE, hardener PVC, PS, and all paper and cards and etc.

Features of Ruco ink
Fast drying, high covering, the ink layer has high abrasion resistance and resistance to a variety of chemicals after curing; does not contain heavy metals, will not cause any pollution to the environment.

Pretreatment process
PP, PE pre flame treatment is required. The surface tension of PP is 52dyn/cm2; PE surface tension is 42dyn/cm2.

Note: Have the same application of 920-UV and 985-UV Ink. 920-UV is a high concentration, suit for slow speed printing; 985-UV dilute concentration, good liquidity, suit for fast speed printing. And the concentration depends on the temperature; the higher temperature ink becomes diluted, to use 920-UV Ink in high temperature.

The heavy metal content of this series of ink meets the European toy safety standard DIN EN 71 PART 3 and ASTM F963-95(a).

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