UV Curing Machine

  •  UV Curing Machine
  •  UV Curing Machine
  •  UV Curing Machine

Application of UV curing machine
UV curing machine is suitable for small flat printing's UV curing ink. It also can be connected our Auto screen printing machine XS-S101 to constitute a silk screen production line.

Specification of UV curing machine
Model No. Flat & Round Flat
Process Product Dimension (Mouth) Φ10 mm -30mm; (Height) 25 mm -250mm (Max.Width) 300mm / (Max.Height) 150mm
Process Speed 1000-3000pcs/H 1800-3000pcs/H
Air Pressure Request 200L/min 4-6bar 200L/min 4-6bar
Power Supply AC380 3Phase 50/60Hz 5KW AC380 3Phase 50/60Hz 4.5KW
Machine Dimension 2200mm×700mm×1750mm 2010mm×700mm×1700mm
Machine Weight 240kgs 300kgs

Features of UV curing machine
Two kinds UV Curing Machine with U.K. imported UV system and UV lamp to make light curing effect more stab; have high, mid and low three stalls to control, so that to suitable different printing material.

UV curing machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

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