Flame Treatment Machine

Flame Surface Processor XS-FT2

Application of flame treatment machine
Flame treatment machine is applied in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries PE or PP plastic surface, such as cosmetics bottles, deterge bottles, pen and etc. Have good adhesion after treatment.

Features of flame treatment machine
Equipped continuous transmission and two independently controlled flamethrower efficient handling of containers, the machine uses electrical control and high –quality smooth imported materials processing equipment running and longer life.

* According to the size of the print position portion, a tapered bearing replacement, to meet the needs of different sizes of prints.
* Stainless steel sheet conveyor belt, aluminum cone, copper spark plugs more conveyor make nice appearance.
* The whole structure, reasonable design, easy operation, with movable casters, easy to move.

Plasma Surface Processor XS-60A

Application of flame treatment machine
Flame treatment machine replaces the liquefied gas flame. It is suitable for PP, PE, PU, PA, paint, plastic, metal, electroplating, spraying, glass and other surface treatment.

Features of flame treatment machine
Plasma speed conveyor equipment can be intermittent and continuous operation; the tube is rotated to position stepless speed, handling a variety of different thickness of the article is more reasonable.

* The two nozzles can be adjusted independently switch, front and back & the left and right sides; can be installed by the ipsilateral or contralateral; nozzle can be easily replaced with different specifications.
* The conveying speed can be adjustment; high accuracy, smooth operation.

Specification of flame treatment machine
Model No. XS-FT2 XS-60A
Process Product Mouth Φ10mm xΦ300mm Φ10mm xΦ100mm
Process Height 10-120mm 10-120mm
Process Speed 1800-3000pcs/H 1800-3000pcs/H
Air Pressure Request 200L/min 4-6bar 200L/min 4-6bar
Power Supply AC 220V 1PH 50*60Hz AC 220V 1PH 50*60Hz
Power Consumption 3.15Kw 3.15Kw
Machine Dimension 2200mm×600mm×1050mm 2200mm×600mm×1050mm
Machine Weight 150kgs 200kgs

Flame treatment machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

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