Automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine

Application of automatic flat screen printing machine
This screen printing production line can be placed in smaller workshop spaces, and is especially suitable for lens, PVC film, paper, PVC cosmetic bags and other products with a relatively soft surface trademark printing requirement.

Our automatic flat screen printing machine features a compact appearance, fast speed and stable performance. This newest small treadmill flat screen printer also features an efficient printing process, convenient up and down material, and a safer operation than other printing equipment. The flat arm can also be fine-tuned, with an easily adjustable and accurate printing.

Specification of automatic flat screen printing machine
Run Flat Screen Printing Machine XS-1520F
Model No. XS-1520F
Startup mode Control panel / foot switch
Mechanical Left & Right Stroke 350MM
Mechanical Up & Down Stroke 125MM
Max. Size of the Screen Frame 300*550mm
Working Surface Area 160*280mm
Max. Printing Area 150*250mm
Max. Work Piece Height 150MM
Printing Speed 1200-1500pcs/H
Power Supply 220V 50-60MHZ 100W
Pressure Demand 5-7 bar
Machine Dimension 580*800*1500mm(L*W*H)
Weight 150kgs
Auto Screen Printing Machine XS-18UVIR / Double System
Model No. XS-18UVIR
Printing Product Dimension 300*300*200mm
Max. Printing Size 300*300mm
Max. Work Piece Height 150MM
Printing Speed 3000pcs/H
Power Supply 380V 50-60MHZ 25.0W
Pressure Demand 4-6 bar
Machine Dimension 580*800*1500mm(L*W*H)
Weight 1000kgs

Standard features of automatic flat screen printing machine
* Touch screen with programmable controller. Durable, simple maintenance and powerful function.
* Four digital auto-counter, calculate the printing quantity.
* Cast aluminum machine frame, the surface is metal painting.
* Lifting structure is designed in double-pillars. High accuracy, stable operation
* Adjustable left and right stroke, Taiwanese photoelectric switch limit.
* Scraper / reclaiming tool is adjustable at different angles.
* Scraper constant pressure device to ensure the stability of the pressure in the printing process.
* Can adjust the screen frame’s front and back, left and right, and level location.
* The suction table, convenient fixed lighter soft products.
* Up and down, left and right all with Taiwanese CEC oil pressure shock absorber, to eliminate printing vibration
* Working speed fast, stable and low noise.

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