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Automatic Turntable Screen Printing Machine

Application of automatic turntable screen printing machine
Automatic Turntable Screen Printing Machines are designed for special circular substrates and designs in the round container industry, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food, toothpaste tubes, test tubes, pens, lipstick tubes, bottle caps, cream bottles, cosmetic tubes and more to achieve an accurate trapping and multicolor printing result.

Specification of automatic turntable screen printing machine
Model No. XS-109UVIR
Max. Printing Length 236mm
Max. Printing Dia. 10mm
Max. Speed 3600pcs/H.
Power Supply 380V 3Phase 50Hz 4.5Kw
Pressure Demand 6 bar
Machine Dimension 2870*1500*1900mm (L*W*H)
Weight 1100Kg
Heat Oven Specification
Power Supply 380V 3Phase 50Hz
Power 10Kw
Outline Dimension 4500*400*1435mm (L*W*H)

Standard features of automatic turntable screen printing machine
* The main drive transmission equipment is comprised of all European brands, and is combined with high speed precision gap segmentation in order to achieve a precision indexing drive and allow the printing machine to operate in a more stable manner.

* Machine control uses international brand name PLC control, as well as a quick set up and easy to use touch screen operation, easy man to machine interface and overall easy operation.

* Electronic sensors achieve “no member does not print’, low air pressure alarm automatic monitoring and other functions, and servo positioning allows for repeat color printing

* The machine electrical components and control system use components imported from Germany and Japan to ensure stable operation.

* Servo screw-line network, the touch screen can be adjusted along the trip line network, easy operation and precise line network.

* Signal tower lights, fault buzzer alarm; low air alarm shutdown device; discharging fault alarm shutdown device.

* Simultaneous thermal oven + UV ultraviolet curing dual system drying, heat drying furnace total length of 4.5m, the drying zone is 3m, high-power UV lamp UV 600W/inch power.

* Synchronized mechanical hand cutting ensures continuous and stable printing as much as possible to avoid causing scratches substrates during printing. Installation of security doors also provides effective protection for the staff.

  • Multipe Ways for Loading
  • Servo Indexing System
  • Printing System
  • UV Light System
  • Multipe Ways for Un-loading
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