Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Application of automatic screen printing machine
After extensive research and trial operations, we developed an automatic screen printing machine that has an improved product performance, precision multi-color printing, and transmission performance.

Automatic screen printing machines are used in a variety of industries, including cosmetics, medicine and food.

Specification of automatic screen printing machine
Model No. XS-S102/2UV
Printing Product Figure Cilindrical Elliptical
Max. Printing Size L300mm*W250mm L120mm*W40-120mm
Printing Product Dimension (Dia.): ¢25 mm -140 mm;
(Length): L60 mm -300 mm;
(Radius.): R20 mm -250 mm;
(Length): 60 mm -300 mm;
Max. Speed 4000pcs/H 5000pcs/H
Power Supply AC380 3Ph 50/60Hz 9.0KW AC380 3Ph 50/60Hz 9.0KW
Air Pressure Request 400L/min 4-6bar 400L/min 4-6bar
Machine Weight 1500kgs 1500kgs

The automatic screen printing machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

Standard Features of automatic screen printing machine
* With a large capacity automatic feeder, and XS-S102 host, this printing equipment saves on manpower, as well as increases the speed and automation of the printing performance.
* The automatic orientation system uses a photoelectric detection in manual and automatic feeding conditions. This ensures accurate printing material and reduces the trouble caused by feeding in the wrong direction.
* Each color printing process utilizes an automatic flame surface treatment device and flat bottle turn face to ensure precision color printing.
* With the use of a UK. Primarc Curing System the color printing equipment has high, mid and low three stalls to control, making it suitable for printing on different materials with a higher efficiency and longer service life.
* The automatic screen printer primarily uses mechanical and pneumatic transmission with PIC control at a printing speed of >5000pcs/h, with a universal pipe.

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